Audition Notice: The Flick

Rolling Die Productions presents Annie Baker’s Pulitzer Prize Winning play, "The Flick" at The Players’ Ring in Portsmouth, NH. Performance dates are March 25 - April 10th, 2016. Directed by Todd Hunter.
Auditions are being held for the following roles: Sam - 30-40 years old - Caucasian Avery - 18-30 years old - African-American Synopsis of The Flick...
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Hemingway and his Four Wives

  • Christopher Savage as Ernest Hemingway
  • Constance Witman as Martha Gelhorn
  • Elise M. Pratt as Pauline Pfeiffer
  • Liz Lockel as Mary Welsh
  • Jennifer Henry as Hadley Richardson

Christopher Savage as Ernest Hemingway - When a Woman Goes Bitch

Jennifer Henry as Hadley Richardson - I Won't Go On

Elise Pratt as Pauline Pfeiffer - We're the Same Guy

Constance Witman as Martha Gelhorn - I've Met You Before

Liz Locke as Mary Welsh - Like It or Not


Hemingway’s Wife is Coming Soon!

Hemingway's WifeHe was more myth than man. His fiction was more plausible than his life. The four women, whom he would love, marry, and abandon knew him better than he knew himself. His name was Ernest Hemingway, perhaps the most famous writer of the 20th century....
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Missing: Wynter seeking actors

Now accepting headshots and resumes from AEA and non-AEA actors for the developmental production of Billy Butler's new musical, Missing: Wynter, which will have it's premiere this fall at The Players’ Ring Theatre in Portsmouth, NH. The show is billed as “a modern musical cautionary tale with...
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Join us for the Fire & Ice Festival!

Join us at the Ring on Sunday, the 16th, between 12 and 6 pm for warm beverages and even warmer entertainment with Patrick Dorow Productions as part of Portsmouth's 1st Fire & Ice Festival.

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Online Fundraiser & Rewards

For those of you looking for info on our online fundraiser and pictures of rewards, here they are!

If you are reading this, chances are you were recently on our Indiegogo page trying to support the...

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Fundraiser Kickoff


It's always a daunting task to go out into a community and essentially beg for money.  One goes into this task knowing that a store owner gets asked for their goods on a weekly basis and that they're probably going to greet you with a barely-audible sigh and a wish that you would...

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