About The Players Ring

Since 1992, the mission of The Players' Ring has been to promote the efforts of local artists through the production of original works, while providing an affordable theatre space to local production companies. “The Ring” as we know and love it, nurtures all artists and provides an environment where artists can thrive, grow, take risks and make daring choices.

The Players' Ring is located in a nineteenth century brick building on Marcy Street on the grounds of Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The historic building is owned by the City of Portsmouth and is fitted out as a “black box” theatre. With a seating capacity of 75, The Players' Ring annual attendance exceeds 6,500.

Since its creation, local production companies have always had a home to present plays at The Players’ Ring. While some form to produce a single special event, some production companies produce shows on an annual basis. Over 200 actors, directors, playwrights and technicians work together to produce plays at The Players’ Ring each year. Over the past five years, over $180,000 has been distributed to those involved in Players’ Ring productions. In addition, original works often account for half of each season’s offerings, giving playwrights an opportunity to see their work performed for the very first time.

Serving the Seacoast and the Performing Arts Community

Award winning shows frequent on The Ring’s stage. They range from classics like our annual Shakespeare show, to critically-acclaimed contemporary works and recent Tony-Award winners, to original works that get their beginnings here, like G. Matthew Gaskell's "Sharp Dressed Men" trilogy and Billy Butler's "Gay Bride of Frankenstein". Plays that got their start on our boards have, in addition, been turned into feature films, such as David Mauriello's "Just Say Love" and Todd Hunter's "Summer Blink".

The Players' Ring is proud to serve the performing arts community on the Seacoast by providing a low cost venue for performing artists and production companies to take bold risks and make daring choices. All production companies enter into a partnership with The Players' Ring, receiving 65 percent of the gross receipts for each production. The 35 percent balance goes to The Players' Ring to cover operating expenses. While remaining committed to serving our artistic community, The Ring is also committed to serving our valued patrons and Members by consistently maintaining extremely low cost ticket prices of just $12 ($10 for Students and Seniors) for Members and $15 ($12 for Students and Seniors) for Non-Members.

Leadership at The Ring

The Players’ Ring is an entirely volunteer organization. There are no paid staff. The Ring is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors: Barbara Newton, Todd Hunter, David Mauriello, Peter Michaud, Joel Plagenz, Mike Pomp, Joi Smith and Susan Turner. The Players’ Ring Company is a New Hampshire nonprofit 501c3 founded in 1992 to provide a venue for local production companies and to produce original works by local playwrights.