LATE NIGHT SERIES: Under the Aguacate Tree

LATE NIGHT SERIES: Under the Aguacate Tree

August 3 - 12, 2018
Original Script by Sandi Dollinger
Produced by Crone Theatricals

Crone Theatricals presents Under the Aguacate (Avocado) Tree, was written by Sandi Dollinger, a playwright and teacher of theater who mostly lives in Albany, NY.

Senor Gustavo and his wife Maria Antonia have had a live-in maid in their household for as long LaCeibas where she became a member of the family. When drug lords took over Honduras, The Martinezes, both educators, left with their son Manuel and their maid, Odalma. The Martinezes traded their Honduras passports for American ones and moved to where they now live on the outskirts of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Odalma never had documents.

As the play opens Odalma is a maid with a secret - a secret she longs to tell someone. A few months before the play opens, a nun stays with the Martinez family. She becomes friends with Odalam, though neither speak each other’s language. They hold hands in the courtyard and have a deep affection between them. The last night Sister “Margie” was there, she told Odalma in halting Spanish that they needed to trade stories. Sister Margie told hers in English. But there was not time for Odalma to tell hers in Spanish as the lady of the house, Maria Antonia, announced Sister Margie needed to be up early to be taken to the airport. Everyone needed to retire.

Gustavo holds an envelope for Odalma at the beginning of the play. Sister Margie has invited her to come to New York. Gustavo says no. Maria Antonia wants to go with Odalma, as she says it will give her a chance to see her son Manuel, who lives in New York City. But Gustavo reminds all that Odalma can’t go. She has no documents. Then he goes off to the doctor’s. During the next part of the play, as Odalma argues for herself to go to New York City, we learn much about her. Most of all we learn her secret, a secret evidently Maria Antonia Knows nothing about.
What is Odalma’s secret? What will she do - stay with the Martinezes or find a way to get to New York City on her own?
Come see Under the Aguacate Tree and find out.

Crone Theatricals is a company dedicated to producing plays by women, including but not exclusively older women, like us. Plays that show women's lives and often reveal things some in society do not want to hear. We want to bring older women's voices to the stage and to the world.

For us the word Crone means Wise Older Woman, one who has gained wisdom from the hardships she has gone through in life in order to survive. She has now reached a time in her life where she can be her own woman and help others, particularly women, grow into being their true selves. 

August 3 - 12
Fridays and Saturdays at 10:00 p.m., Sundays at 9 p.m.

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